Empower 20 million Africans to sustainably provide for themselves by 2032.

Our work

We won’t stop working until everyone in our country has the resources they need.

From emergency relief to economic growth, we partner closely with our communities. Fuelled by the generosity of donors and partners like you, we bring resources and implement locally-led programmes that address the barriers people face for equitable growth and transformation.

01. Emergencies

We respond quickly in emergencies

We offer vital support and resources to our communities when they need us most

Our emergency teams responding quickly to floods in KwaZulu-Natal

Extreme weather and poor socio-economic conditions leave pockets of communities vulnerable and exposed. Working with our communities and grass-roots partners we provide water, food, shelter and other essentials when disaster strikes.

You can help fund:​

Emergency packs​



Medical supplies​

Basic household items​

Thanks to your support, last year we helped 41,295 people in emergencies​

People assisted
Emergency packs provided
Food delivered
153,360 kgs

02. Water

We provide access to clean water​

We work with communities to provide access to clean water and better hygiene

A toddler is assisted to wash his hands at his daycare

We drill boreholes, provide water tanks and hippo rollers. We also create hand-washing stations, ablution facilities and provide detergents along with training on hygiene, sanitation and water conservation for sustainable impact on the overall well-being of our communities.

You can help fund:​



Hygiene education​


Washing stations​

Thanks to your support, last year we provided clean water for 20,000 people

People reached
Water wells installed
Handwashing stations installed​
Educated on sanitation

03. Food

We boost ​food security and livelihoods

We help create food security and more sustainable livelihoods for our people

Watch the video to learn how we use food for communities to thrive

We provide food to vulnerable families and partner with communities, through Early Childhood Development centres (daycares) and smallholder farmers, to access the resources and training needed to boost their own food production through activities like creating vegetable gardens. We provide enviro-friendly gardening training, seeds, tools and monitoring.

You can help fund:​


Community gardens​

Seeds and tools​

Agricultural training​

Thanks to your support, last year we boosted food security for 737 people

People reached
Food parcels distributed
Community farms created
Community farms supported

04. Health

We ensure ​good health and nutrition

We provide health and nutritional support for healthier, stronger communities

Health check: A toddler undergoes screening

We support the physical and mental development of children in daycares through regular nutritional assessments. In collaboration with local health facilities, we ensure that children in need receive prompt and targeted medical assistance. Through training programmes, we educate communities about the importance of nutrition, balanced diets, and breastfeeding for infants.

You can help fund:​

Health screenings​

Nutrition education

Vitamins and deworming

Thanks to your support, last year we ensured good health for 5,203 people

People reached
Vitamins and deworming
Health screenings​
Health education

05. Education

We support ​​quality education

We build better futures by enabling a strong and stable educational environment

Quality education is vital for an Africa that thrives

Using Early Childhood Development centres (daycare’s) as access points to communities allows us to address barriers to education and help fight hunger, malnutrition and poverty. We provide daily meals, teacher training, learning materials as well as improvements to infrastructure through makeovers. Additionally, we create school vegetable gardens for improved nutrition and access to adequate water, sanitation and hygiene solutions.

You can help fund:​

Nutritious school meals​

School makeovers​

School vegetable gardens​

Teacher skills training​

Educational supplies​

Thanks to you, last year we enabled quality education​ for 157,808 people

People reached
School meals served
Daycare makeovers​
Daycare gardens created

06. Economy

We drive ​economic growth

We equip our communities with the right skills and access to grow Africa’s economy

Keys to a new beginning: Principal Simollang Pooe has dedicated her life to creating a safe environment for the children in her community.

Partnering with community members such as those running Early Childhood Development centres (daycares), we provide mentorship, training and linkages to stimulate economic activity. We also provide small-business starter packs along with training.

You can help fund:​

Financial literacy

Small business starter packs

Skills training

Access to markets

Thanks to your support, last year we upskilled and empowered 3,000 people​

People reached
Assisted with compliance