Empower 20 million Africans to sustainably provide for themselves by 2032.

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We love this place and we love our people. South Africa is home and we know what needs to be done to see it thrive.

Thanks to your support, in 2022 we impacted the lives of 154,819 people in South Africa.

South Africa is known to be one of the most unequal societies in the world, with a huge gap between those who have resources and those who do not. A country where about two-million children go to bed hungry each night, losing out on what’s needed for physical and cognitive development. Unemployment, crime, violence, poor-quality education and healthcare are widespread in informal settlements that also lack adequate infrastructure and services.

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South Africa

Having served 3,000 Early Childhood Development centres (daycares) and their surrounding communities, we listen to the priorities of our people and together find sustainable ways to ensure South Africa’s children and their families are safe, healthy and empowered to thrive.

Play time: Children can play safely at improved daycare centres

Extreme weather and poor socio-economic conditions leave pockets of communities vulnerable and exposed. Working with our communities and grass-roots partners we provide water, food, shelter and other essentials when disaster strikes.

We drill boreholes, provide water tanks and hippo rollers. We also create hand-washing stations, ablution facilities and provide detergents along with training on hygiene, sanitation and water conservation for sustainable impact on the overall well-being of our communities.

We provide food to vulnerable families and partner with communities, through Early Childhood Development centres (daycares) and smallholder farmers to access the resources and training needed to boost their own food production through activities like creating vegetable gardens. We provide enviro-friendly gardening training, seeds, tools and monitoring.

We support the physical and mental development of children in daycares through regular nutritional assessments. In collaboration with local health facilities, we ensure that children in need receive prompt and targeted medical assistance.

Through training programmes, we educate communities about the importance of nutrition, balanced diets, and breastfeeding for infants.

Using Early Childhood Development centres (daycares) as access points to communities allows us to address barriers to education and help fight hunger, malnutrition and poverty. We provide daily meals, teacher training, learning materials as well as improvements to infrastructure through makeovers. Additionally, we create school vegetable gardens for improved nutrition and access to adequate water, sanitation and hygiene solutions.

Partnering with community members such as those running Early Childhood Development centres (daycares), we provide mentorship, training and linkages to stimulate economic activity. We also provide small-business starter packs along with training.

Thanks to your support, last year we impacted the lives of 154,819 people in South Africa​

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