Empower 20 million Africans to sustainably provide for themselves by 2032.

The challenges of our country are diverse and complex but together we can overcome them.

Your support means access to education, food, water, health, income, and dignity for those who need it most. ForAfrika SA is part of the largest African humanitarian organisation working for an Africa that thrives.

Using Early Childhood Development centres (daycares) as our entry point to partner closely with our communities, we bring resources and implement programmes that are locally led to address the barriers South Africa’s people face. This leads to equitable growth and transformation.

Our work

Having served 3,000 Early Childhood Development centres (daycares) and their surrounding communities, we listen to the priorities of our people and together find sustainable ways to ensure South Africa’s children and their families are safe, healthy and empowered to thrive.


We respond quickly in emergencies​

We offer vital support and resources to our communities when they need us most


We provide access to clean water​​

We work with communities to provide access to clean water and better hygiene


We boost ​food security and livelihoods​

We help create food security and more sustainable livelihoods for our people


We ensure ​good health and nutrition​

We provide health and nutritional support for healthier, stronger communities


We support ​​quality education​

We build better futures by enabling a strong and stable educational environment


We drive ​economic growth

We equip our communities with the right skills and access to grow Africa’s economy

The scale of the challenge is enormous, but so are the dreams of Africa’s people. If we all come together for Africa, providing the resources needed to plant the seeds of transformation, we can and will see Africa’s communities shift away from charity to self-sufficiency. From surviving to thriving!

Isak Pretorius: CEO