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Voices of South Africa

Hear from those who are working together for South Africa’s children and their families to be safe, healthy and empowered to thrive. Everyone of them-a story worth sharing.

Emergency response stories

40 years ForAfrika

Food security South Africa
Top tomato: Community gardens are a source of good nutrition A community in Upington creates their first communal vegetable garden and is already envisaging the results Leizl Eykelhof A community in the Khoi-San Valley of Upington has established its own communal garden in the sweltering heat and has improved their chance at food security. They
Women in emergency response

Women in emergency response

Adel Terblanche, ForAfrika’s Western Cape community development officer The secret to emergency response is to be prepared, says Adel Terblanche, ForAfrika’s Western Cape community development officer.  In the past few weeks, Adel has been very busy helping thousands of people affected by the province’s recent devastating floods. “You need to make sure that you are
“I am one of the privileged ones who get to travel across our beautiful continent of Africa. I count myself incredibly lucky to see its beauty. The scenic landscapes — from lush green forests and plains to deserts — are all so visually inspiring. But, I can promise you from first-hand experience, it is the

Love ForAfrika

Love is: having a little sister to hug In very tough and often heartbreaking contexts, love and compassion for our fellow human beings is what keeps us going. Love is also what allows mothers to walk vast distances to find treatment at a malnutrition clinic or fathers to search for a better source of water,
Keys to a new beginning: Principal Simollang Pooe has dedicated her life to creating a safe environment for the children in her community. The owners of these small crèches often do so for very little financial reward. Now she has the keys to a bright new establishment Early Childhood Development (ECD) – which usually takes
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